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King Library Meeting Rooms

Why do we provide meeting rooms?

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library is committed to providing you access to our second floor meeting rooms. Our meeting rooms are made available to foster community engagement and support the SJSU and SJPL library’s missions.

This policy is specific to the meeting rooms in the King Library. It does not extend to other meeting spaces at San Jose State University or any of the SJPL branches. You may reserve a community room at one of the SJPL branches on SJPL's website. King Library and all SJPL branches also have group study rooms that are available to reserve free of charge. In addition, SJSU students may reserve rooms on campus by contacting Associated Students or the Student Union.

This policy does not apply to reservations made by SJSU and/or SJPL employees for library-sponsored events.

Who can reserve?

Meeting rooms may be reserved by any university or public library cardholders, who are over 18, with an account balance that does not exceed $25. These rooms may not be reserved for standing or recurring meetings, regularly scheduled class sessions, fundraising events, or recurring events and series.

If you are not affiliated with SJPL, SJSU, or the City of San José, you may reserve a meeting room once per year.

What restrictions are there on events?

Reserving a meeting room means you are agreeing to follow all library policies, in particular the Behavior in the Library Policy and San José State University’s Time, Place & Manner Regulations. Our staff reserves the right to ask you and all attendees to discontinue any activity that disrupts the normal operations of the library. Failure to comply with library policies may result in withdrawal of future meeting room reservations and/or library privileges. The requestor or the representative of the requesting organization is responsible for ensuring all meeting/event attendees are aware of and abide by Library regulations.

Your event must be either for the University population or open to the public. Reservations may not be made for private events. Anyone reserving the library meeting rooms shall not discriminate against any individuals or groups of individuals because of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or citizenship.

Your event must take place during the hours the library is open. The rooms are not available for SJPL customers to reserve on Sundays. Events must be free of charge for attendees. Events related to promotions, donations, fundraising, or sales are not allowed unless authorized by the library.

What rooms are available to reserve?

Two rooms are available for reservation. Use the links below to view room specifications:

The area outside both rooms is library space and is not considered part of the meeting rooms. You may request to have a table placed outside the meeting room door. The table cannot create an unsafe emergency exit path or violate the Americans with Disabilities Act. You cannot serve or store food in the hallway area.

You are responsible for room setup and resetting the room to its original configuration after use; please add additional setup/cleanup time to your request if needed.

How much does it cost to reserve a room?

While we do not charge for reserving our meeting rooms you are financially responsible for any damage, loss, or additional cleaning that results from use of these rooms.

How do I reserve a room?

Reservations are made online using the reservation request form. Requests are reviewed by the library on a case-by-case basis. A response is typically provided within two working days. Approvals are given by the SJSU Library Dean, the SJPL City Librarian, or their representative. Reservation requests must be made at least two weeks prior to the requested date and no more than 6 months in advance of the event date.

Once your reservation has been confirmed an information packet will be sent via email containing specific details for room use.

What if I need to cancel or don't show up?

Notification to cancel the event must take place at least 48 hours prior to the date of your event. If you cancel a reservation more than twice a year or are a "no show" for your event, future reservation requests may be denied.

The library reserves the right to cancel or change reservations due to unforeseen circumstances or non-compliance with this, or any other library policies.

What technology is available?

Each meeting room is equipped with a variety of technology devices that may be requested from SJSU or SJPL Media Services. Technology requests may be made on the reservation form. SJPL cardholders do not have access to media support after 5pm Monday to Friday or anytime on Saturday.

Media services may be requested up to one week before the event time and are subject to approval. Any requests made less than one week prior to the event may not be honored.

Can I have food and drink?

Food and drink is permitted in the meeting rooms but must comply with the library’s Behavior in the Library Policy as well as campus policies related to catering and food service. Sterno and other open flame fuel-based chafing dish warmers are not allowed in any room in the King Library. If you are having an event catered, please plan accordingly.

Can I have music?

Amplified or live music is allowed, however the Library reserves the right to decide if the noise level is too loud and must be reduced.

Is security provided?

Library and campus security is provided within the library during open hours. You may not bring your own security. The library does not assume responsibility for private property brought into the building as part of your event.

How do I receive a delivery?

Advance notice must be given if meeting materials or equipment is being delivered to the Library for meetings. You must be present in the library to receive all vendor deliveries via the loading dock or public entrances. Library staff will not receive deliveries or provide vendor access to the reserved room without prior arrangements being made with the Meeting Room Coordinator.

Can I publicize my event?

You are required to clearly state in press releases and other publicity that the event is not library sponsored. The presence of your organization in the King Library meeting rooms does not constitute endorsement by the library.

Any advertising posted in King Library must be reviewed and approved by the Meeting Room Coordinator at least one week in advance of the event date.

Details for Individual Rooms

Room 225

Room 225 is the largest of the two library meeting rooms. The room is 2,510 square feet with a wall of windows overlooking the campus lawn.

How many people can I have in the room?

This room seats up to 96. The capacity limits are set by the Fire Marshal and will be enforced.

How is the room be set up?

Sixteen 5' rectangular tables with 6 chairs per table. Tables are set apart and placed vertically in relation to the front of the room. Seats up to 96 (without panel table) or up to 90 (with panel table).

This setup complies with ADA and Fire Marshal requirements. SJPL cardholders are not eligible to request a room setup option.

What technology is available?

  • Wired and wireless microphone and ceiling-mounted speakers
  • Computer projection and audio amplification through a ceiling-mounted front projection system and ceiling-mounted speakers.

Room 255

Room 255 offers 1,253 square feet of space in a classroom style configuration.

How many people can I have in the room?

This room can seat up to 48 people. The capacity limits are set by the Fire Marshal and will be enforced.

How is the room be set up?

Twenty-four half tables (1.5' x 3') with 2 chairs per table facing towards the front of the room. Seats up to 48.  

This setup complies with ADA and Fire Marshal requirements.

What technology is available?

Media and A/V services are not available at this time. This meeting room can only accommodate meetings and events that do not require the use of any media or A/V equipment.

Revised January 2023