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Charles B. Anderson Fake Book

Songbook Number

Songs in this book:

"A" You're Adorable
"T" For Texas
'Cause I Feel Low-Down
'Deed I Do
'Fore Day Creep
'Lasses Candy
'Leven-Thirty Saturday Night
'Long About Midnight
'S Been a Long Time in Between Time
'S Wonderful
'Sippy Blues
'Tain't No Sin (to dance around in your bones)
'Tain't nobody's fault but my own
'Tain't What You Do (it's the way that cha do it)
'Taint nobody's bizness if I do
'Taint So, Honey, 'Taint So
'Tis Autumn
'Tucky Home
(I Scream - You Scream - We All Scream For) Ice Cream
18th Street Strut
1919 Rag
920 Special
A Bad Case of Harmony
A Handful of Stars
A Jazz Fan's Lament
A Little Consideration
A Lot of Livin' to Do
A Lover is Blue
A Miracle
A Pair of "Z's"
A Rag Time Lullaby
A Sunbonnet Blue
A-Tisket, A-Tasket
A-Wearin' Away the Blues
A.B.C.D. Blues
Aba Daba Honeymoon
Abdul Abulbul Amir
About a Quarter to Nine
Absence makes the heart grow fonder (for somebody else)
Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive
Acapulco 1922
Accent on Youth
Ace in the Hole
Ace of Clubs
Ace of Diamonds (adaptation)
Achin' Hearted Blues
Across the Track Blues (excerpts)
Adam and Eve Had a Wonderful Time
Adam and Eve Had the Blues
Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn
Adorable Dora
Adventures in Paradise
African Blues
After All
After all that I've been to you
After All, I'm Only a Schoolgirl
After Awhile
After Hours
After I See the Sandman
After I've Called You Sweetheart (How can I call you friend)
After I've Spent My Best Years on You
After My Laughter Came Tears
After Tea
After the Lovin'
After Tonight
After Twelve O'Clock
After you get what you want, you don't want it
After You've Gone
Aggravatin' Papa
Ah, But I've Learned!
Ain't Dat a Shame
Ain't Dat Scan'lous
Ain't Doin' Bad Doin' Nothin'
Ain't Got No Worry
Ain't Misbehavin'
Ain't Nothin', Nothin', Baby Without You
Ain't That a Grand Glorious Feeling?
Ain't We Got Fun
Ain't You Ashamed
Ain't You Coming Back to Dixieland
Ain't You Coming Out, Malinda
Ain't-cha coming back, Mary Ann, to Maryland
Ain't-Cha' Glad?
Aintcha Got Music
Alabama Ball
Alabama Blues
Alabama Bound
Alabama Dream
Alabama Jubilee
Alabama Mamma
Alabama Mammy
Alabama Slide
Alabama Stomp
Alabammy Snow
Alabamy Blacksheep (Won't You Return to My Fold)
Alabamy Bound
Alamo Blues
Alamo Rag
Alarm clocks ain't no friends of mine
Alcoholic Blues
Alexander's band is back in Dixieland
Alexander's Got a Jazz Band Now
Alexander's Harmony Blues
Alexander's Ragtime Band
Algiers Strut
Alibi-ing Papa
Alice Blue Gown
Aligator Hop
Alimony Blues
All Alone
All Alone and Blue
All Alone!
All Ashore
All Because of You
All Birds Look Like Chickens to Me
All By Myself
All I Do is Dream of You
All in Down and Out
All Muddled Up
All My Life
All Night Blues
All Night Long
All Of a Sudden
All Of Me
All of the Time
All On Account of Your Kisses
All Or Nothing at All
All That I'm Asking is Sympathy
All That Meat and No Potatoes
All the little lovin' that I had for you is gon, gone, gone
All the Quakers are Shoulder Shakers
All the Things You Are
All the Way
All This and Heaven Too
All Those Wonderful Years
All Through the Day
All Too Soon
All Wrong
All-American Girl
All-Star Jazz Band Blues
Allegheny Moon
Allergy Blues
Alley Cat Song
Alligator Crawl
Almost Like Being in Love
Alone at a Table For Two
Alone at Last
Always and Always
Always in My Heart
Am I Blue?
Am I In Love?
Am I To Blame?
Am I Wasting My Time on You?
Amazing Grace
Among My Souvenirs
Amos 'n Andy
An Awful Lot My Gal Ain't Got
An Explanation
And I Still Do!
And So Do I
And That Ain't All
And the Angels Sing
And They Called It Dixieland
Andy Gump
Angel Child
Angel Eyes
Anna Snow (Pick on Your Old Banjo)
Anna, let me hear from you
Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Annie St. Rock
Anniversary Waltz
Another Rag
Anti-Ragtime Girl
Antigua Blues
Any Ice Today, Lady?
Any little girl, who's a nice little girl, is the right little girl for me
Any Old Time
Any Place Where I Make Money
Any Way the Wind Blows
Anythig to Hold your Baby