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SJSU Media Services Digital Camera Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

Media Services provides a digital camera and accessories to SJSU University Library faculty and staff for use within the King Library, on campus, or off campus for approved projects. Limitations on the use of the SJSU digital camera are specified in the Requirements & Guidelines section below.

Need for the Policy

The Media Services’ digital camera policy responds to the library faculty and staff need for an occasional-use digital camera.

Requirements & Guidelines

Currently employed SJSU University Library faculty and staff may borrow the digital camera subject to the following conditions:

  1. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first reserved basis. Conflicts may be appealed to the Associate Dean.
  2. The borrower is responsible for arranging through the IT Helpdesk for the installation of any necessary software on her/his computer.
  3. The borrower is responsible for downloading all images to his/her own media. All camera data will be erased upon return.
  4. The digital camera is not to be removed from campus without written permission from a Unit Head.
  5. To reserve the digital camera, the borrower must contact Media Services.
  6. The loan period is a maximum of one week. Renewals of up to one week at a time may be made subject to availability.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

SJSU King Library personnel




Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of ApprovalSJSU Associate Dean Jo Bell Whitlatch 6/20/06 SJPL Supervising Librarian Gordon Yusko 6/20/06 

History & Dates

Category of Policy & WBS#: Administration/ Operations

Author(s): Beth McCullough, SJSU Library Media Services

Authorized by: Richard Woods, SJSU IT Director and Randy Torrecillas, SJPL IT Administration

Date Written: 9/12/05

Date Effective: 6/20/06

Date(s) of Revision(s):