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Media and Communications

How can I provide information to library customers?

The library serves as a resource for customers to gain knowledge about their community. A community information area is available at each of our locations for sharing non-partisan details about:

  • upcoming civic and community events or news
  • current campaigns for public office
  • ballot measures
  • other election matters

You may not advertise for businesses or consumer transactions.

All materials must identify the committee, organization, or individual responsible for the content displayed. You are responsible for replenishing materials when they run out. Staff will regularly remove any materials which are out of date or do not meet these requirements.

If you wish to place materials in the community information area bring your items to a staff member at the library. Staff will evaluate to ensure the content meets these guidelines and will post them on your behalf.

In addition to the community information area, nonprofits and government agencies may request permission to staff an information table at any of our library locations. Requests for tabling must be made to a library manager for approval. Reservation times and dates are made based on availability at each location. You may not solicit contact with customers during a tabling session. Customers must approach the table and ask for information. Information given at tabling must be available for free to the local community. You may not distribute partisan information on library property.

Can I take photos or videos in the library?

We love seeing your library photos on social media! You may take personal photos or videos of any of our buildings, materials, or artwork as long as no people are in the photo(s). You can also take personal photos or videos of people you know, as long as everyone consents. No photos or videos may be taken of other customers or staff in the library without their expressed consent. You must comply with the Behavior in the Library Policy at all times.

If you are planning a professional or commercial shoot, you will need to get permission from the library’s marketing and communications department via email at and Representatives can be reached at King Library Administration via 408-808-2355, Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Revised February 2024