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Government Publications - Local Government Collections Policy


Statement of Policy & Text

The local government publications collections of both San Jose State University Library and San Jose Public Library are integrated the King Library collections and retained in the appropriate locations (i.e. Reference, Circulating or Special/California Collections).

These publications will be classified under the Library of Congress Classification System. Currently materials that are waiting to be reclassified are located in the Lower Level of the library.

(See Requirements & Guidelines below for a description of the materials in these collections and methods for integrating the collections.)

Need for the Policy

The need for this policy is based on the different collection strengths of government publications at San Jose State University and the San Jose Public Library.

  • While San Jose State University library has a strong national and state documents collection, it has a limited but historical collection of local documents.
  • The San Jose Public Library has a large collection of documents from city of San Jose offices, as well as other government publications relating to the San Jose metropolitan Area, covering almost twenty years.

Since these documents are of interest to many different groups, the King Library must retain both libraries'' collections.

Requirements & Guidelines

Local Government Publications
The local government publications subject matter deals with issues and concerns in the San Jose Metropolitan Area and to a lesser extent, the San Francisco Bay Area.
This collection consists of documents made available for public viewing, research and/or comment by:

  • The city of San Jose
  • Other cities within Santa Clara County
  • The county of Santa Clara
  • Bay area quasi-governmental organizations

SJSU and SJPL Government Publications librarians evaluate the placement of future acquisitions to the local government publications collections. The Government Publications librarians will also develop a collection development policy for local government publications.

Applicable Personnel/Departments

All, especially Reference Services,
Cataloging Department, Special Collections / California Room




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History & Dates

Category of Policy: Collection Management
Author(s):Government Publications Coordinator: Susan Kendall
Authorized by: Core Team, 11/5/02
Date Written: 10/15/02
Date Effective: 8/1/03
Date(s) of Revision(s): 3/20/06