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Facilities Policy

Facilities Policy

Statement of Policy & Text

King Library employees share a commitment to conservation and reducing energy consumption and will comply with City and University policies, guidelines and best practices to accomplish this goal.

Need for the Policy

The Operations and Maintenance Guidelines, Executive Orders, and SJSU and City of San Jose policies inform us about what we can do in our workspaces in King Library.  Since we share our parent institutions' commitment to reducing energy consumption and maintaining a work and study space that is safe and comfortable for all our employees and patrons, this policy is needed to remind employees about our King Library facilities-related polices and guidelines.  We appreciate everyone's compliance.

Requirements and Guidelines

1.  Temperature control - Heating and Ventilation

Air conditioning cools the building to 78 degrees F during the summer months (usually June 1 - October 1).  During the winter months, the building is heated to 68 degrees.  We know that not all portions of the building can be controlled to an exact temperature, but the building has very sophisticated systems that, when working properly, will maximize the building's energy efficiencies and keep staff work areas at a comfortable temperature.

If several people in your unit feel that the building systems are not cooling/heating to the appropriate 68-78 range, please contact SJSU Facilities and Purchasing Coordinator.  He will work with Facilities, Development and Operations (FD&O) to take readings from the temperature sensors in your area and make adjustments to ensure that King Library is heated/cooled to the CSU standard.i

Exempted from these guidelines are our Special Collections vault area and the server rooms.

2.  Electric Fans, Heaters and Other Small Appliances

Portable electric heaters and fans can artificially increase/decrease temperature readings taken by building sensors and cause adjacent rooms not to be cooled or heated properly.  Because of this, these appliances shouldn't be used unless specifically required by an occupant for medical reasons or as a result of heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems failure.  If electric fan(s) or heater(s) are required, the Library or FD&O will supply the equipment to ensure that it meets campus safety requirements.  Refrigerators, microwaves, coffee pots, and other small appliances are limited to designated kitchen and staff break areas because the sinks and flooring there minimize the damage that can be caused by equipment failure.  Because of their potential to cause fire and water damage, these items shouldn't be in private offices and cubicles.ii

3.  Decorative or Additional Lighting

Decorative lighting can be a fire hazard.  Because of this, decorative lighting (including floor or table lamps) cannot be allowed individual work areas unless needed for reasonable lighting.  If there is a medical reason to increase the amount of light in an employee's workspace, contact your Human Resources representative who will work with SJSU Facilities and Purchasing Coordinator and FD&O to increase/decrease the amount of light in your area. iii

Decorative lighting is allowed at the Service Desks of King Library during the holidays, providing this lighting is appropriately secured, tested for use in public spaces and is turned off by Service Desk staff at the end of the day.

4.  Interior Office Windows.  During an emergency evacuation, responders need to be able to see into every office to make sure that all employees have left the building safely.  For this reason, interior office windows may be partially covered, but there must be a clear line of sight at the 5-6 foot level.  It is usually wise to meet with students, or other employees, in a room that has visibility from the outside.

5.  Earthquake safety.  Heavy items can fall during an earthquake and cause injury.  Be careful not to put heavy items on top of bookshelves or cabinets where they could fall and cause injury in an earthquake.  Also, bookshelves and filing cabinets must be braced for earthquake safety.  Workspaces are audited annually.

6.  Furniture in the library was specified to create a cohesive interior design.  For this reason, additional furniture, bookshelves, filing cabinets, etc. not purchased by the library shouldn't be brought in.  If there is a need for additional furniture, contact SJSU Facilities and Purchasing Coordinator.

7.  Walls.  Only FD&O may nail something to the walls or paint an office area - these are union contract mandates.  If you need a bulletin board for your area, please contact SJSU Facilities and Purchasing Coordinator.  Bulletin boards will also reduce the amount of wall repair needed when you move out of your space.

8.  Plants.  We need to do a good job of maintaining live plants in our workspaces so that they don't attract bugs.  We also need to be careful to clean up any water that leaks onto the floor and be sure that water doesn't accumulate under the plant holder and cause damage to the surface underneath.

9.  To prevent pests, all food items in cubicles, offices and staff break areas need to be closed and sealed.

10.  Various scents and fragrances can become a health issue for colleagues.  Please practice good cubicle etiquette and refrain from using perfumes and air fresheners.

11.  Holiday Decorations.  Generic holiday decorations are permissible.  They must be non-flammable and shouldn't obstruct walkways.  Generic holiday decorations include ornaments, artificial trees, wreaths, snowmen, Santa Claus, and poinsettias.  However, because the library is a city/state institution, religious symbols like a Cross or a Nativity Scene are not appropriate for a display in public areas, except as included in a special exhibit or cultural display (like Day of the Dead).iv

12.  Helium Balloons.  If they escape, helium balloons trigger the fire alarms.  For this reason, no helium balloons are allowed in the library.

13.  Furniture in the Atrium.  The atrium area on the First Floor has already reached its capacity for combustible material (books, shelving, desks, etc.) as allowed by the Fire Marshall.  Because ot this, any additional combustible furniture or other items cannot be added to this space.

If there are any questions, please contact SJSU Administrative Officer, SJPL Administrative Officer, or SJSU Facilities and Purchasing Coordinator.


Applicable Personnel/Departments

All Library Staff




Reviewed and approved by:Signature/NameDate of Approval

King Management Team



History & Dates

Category of Policy: Facilities
Author(s): SJSU Administrative Officer
Authorized by: King Management Team
Date Written: 1/14/2011
Date Effective: 3/13/2011
Date(s) of Revision(s):

i  O&M Gudelines, 6.26

ii  Per State Fire Marshall and CSU Systemwide Energy Conservatin and Utilities Management Executive Order No. 987, O&M Guidelines 7.2

iii  Governor's Executive Order D-15-00; CSU "Policy Stetement on Energy conservation and Utilities management for the California State University and Energy Consumption Reduction Goal," No.987

iv  San Jose City Hall, "Holiday Decorations" procedure