Exhibit Proposal Process and Forms

Internal Exhibits and Displays of Library-owned materials. Displays of the library's own collection do not require a formal prospectus to be filled out and submitted. Semi-annually Special Collections and Cultural Heritage Center will submit a list of displays of library-owned material to the Dean and Director of approval.

External Exhibits

  1. Exhibitor reads the King Library Exhibits Policy and Guidelines
  2. Exhibitor contacts the Exhibit Coordinator 1-408-808-2431 to discuss exhibit dates
  3. Exhibitor completes exhibit prospectus form [pdf] online, prints, signs, and sends copy of the proposal to Exhibit Coordinator, Mariah Ramsour, at 408-808-2050 or Mariah.Ramsour@sjsu.edu.
  4. Library approves or rejects proposal in a timely manner, based on the Exhibit Criteria for Selection. Exhibitor is contacted with the result.
  5. Exhibits Coordinator prepares MOU and routes for library signatures of SJSU and SJPL Administrative Officers.
  6. Exhibits Coordinator sends 2 copies to the Exhibitor, 1 for the exhibitor to retain and the other for him/her to sign and return to the Exhibits Coordinator.
  7. The Exhibit is added to the King Library events calendar.
  8. Copies of the signed MOU are given to the SJPL Administrative Assistant the SJSU Library Accounting/Statistics Specialist. The original signed MOU is kept with the Exhibit Coordinator.

King Library Prospectus Form


Exhibitors are solely responsible for funding all costs associated with the exhibit, including but not limited to shipping, installation, dismantling, and insurance.

Security and Insurance

Exhibits are often located in high traffic areas whose visibility reduces the likelihood of damage or theft of materials; however, the Library takes no responsibility for the security or welfare of exhibits at any time, including during transport, installation, or dismantling. Before an exhibit is installed, exhibitors and the Library representative must sign a release, indemnifying the SJSU and the City of San Jose from any responsibility for loss or damage.


Exhibits and displays must be placed so as to accommodate physical safety considerations. Ease of egress from the exhibit for emergency purposes must be assured. The exhibits must be set up so as to accommodate disability access.

Exhibit Duration

Exhibits should have specific start and end date. As a general rule, exhibits should be on display for one to two months. Exhibits running longer than three months will be undertaken only under exceptional circumstances.

Exhibit Installation

  • Art work:
    • shall only be hung on the library's suspension hooks and wires (provided by the Exhibit Coordinator).
    • must be pre-wired along the back of the piece of art, in order for the pieces to hang on the suspension hooks.
    • must not weigh more than 50 lbs. per suspension hook.
    • cannot be taped, nailed, drilled, glued or double backed tape/Styrofoam taped onto the panels or walls in the Exhibit area. (No exception)
    • Art labels will not be taped, nailed, drilled or glued onto the panels or walls of the Exhibit area.
  • Display cases are available upon request (on a first come first serve basis).
  • It is the Exhibitor's responsibility to carefully remove all art from the panels and walls on the agreed to breakdown date. Access to the exhibit space for removal of art pieces will be done during the library's open hours.
  • Loading dock use arrangements must be scheduled with the Exhibit Coordinator (408-808-2011) prior to the exhibit set up and breakdown dates.
    Dock Hours:
    • Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 11:30 am/1:30 pm - 3:00 pm
    • Saturday (special arrangements must be made with Security to have the gate opened
    • Sunday - CLOSED
  • The library does not provide storage for crates, tools or miscellaneous exhibit pieces.
  • The library does not provide additional help to install or remove artists' exhibits. It is the responsibility of the artist to provide his or her own additional help with installations and breakdowns.

Exhibit Support Materials

  • Bibliographies, brochures and other promotional material and/or instructional materials to accompany an exhibit are strongly recommended but not mandatory.
  • Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to create an accompanying Website to be linked to from the Library's website Events & Exhibits page.
  • Exhibitors are responsible for preparing the content of the publications associated with their exhibit. Examples include: a bibliographical list of items displayed; a double sided brochure; an exhibit catalog.
  • Sound, video, or computer displays accompanying exhibits will be installed and removed by the exhibitor in consultation with library staff.

Exhibit Advertisement and Publicity

  • The Exhibit information is posted on the library lobby LCD screens, at both the City and university entrances. Flyers and posters (8½ x 11) advertising the exhibit need to be provided to the Exhibit Coordinator (408-808-2011) two weeks prior to the event for posting.
  • The Exhibit information is also posted on the Library Web event page San José State University Library. Exhibitor is responsible for providing detailed information regarding the exhibit to the Exhibit Coordinator (1 month prior to the event). The events posting form can be found at Request for Posting an Event | San Jose State University Library.
    • If you wish to have an image posted along with a description of the event, please provide a soft copy (CD, DVD, and PDF in high resolution) along with your posting information to the Events Coordinator.
  • 4th floor exhibit gallery ONLY
    • There is a poster stand outside the exhibit area. Exhibitor may add a poster to this area if they wish. The poster size is 29-1/2" high and 18-7/8" wide (You can print a 20x30 poster and cut it down to fit.) The sign holder is very particular and those are the exact dimensions that the poster would need to be to slide in behind the glass.


  • King Library does not provide directional signage for meetings/lectures in conjunction with the exhibit. The meeting host may place free standing signs in the following areas only:
    • 1st floor between the escalators;
    • 2nd floor at the top of the escalators along the wall and near the double glass doors.
  • Signage may not block exhibits or displays in the exhibit area.
  • Signs will be posted by the Library for your meeting at the entrance to the room, and your meeting will be listed in a daily schedule posted on the Today's Meetings kiosks located in the 2nd floor exhibit and display area.
  • Programs open to the public, held within the library will be publicized on the King Library website and on the LCD screens on the 1st floor (provided the sponsor provides detailed program information to the library events coordinator.

Receptions & Exhibits Related Activities

Rooms in the Library may be, on occasion, available for receptions and other activities (workshops, talks, demonstrations) lined to exhibits, consult the "meeting room use policy" and contact the Library Exhibit Coordinator who will check the meeting room schedule for room availability.

  • There is to be no charge for the exhibit, i.e., no fees or money may be collected in the Library.
  • Exhibit art may be posted for sale, but may not be removed from the exhibit area until the exhibit has concluded.
  • The King Library assumes no responsibility for private property brought into the building.
  • Exhibits will be held during the Library's public hours.
  • Exhibitor is responsible for reimbursing the King Library for any damages or missing equipment resulting from the exhibit.
  • The 2nd floor foyer/lobby area is Library space and is not considered a part of the exhibit area. No food is allowed to be served or stored in the foyer/lobby area.
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor sponsor to ensure that the Exhibit complies with the San Jose Fire code.
  • King Library, restricts the use of the following:
    • Candles, lanterns, oil lamps (due to fire safety codes)
    • Live music, reference the King Library Customer Conduct policy
    • Exhibit materials may not be hung on the Mila panels, walls or placed in display cases without specific approval from the King Library Exhibit Coordinator
    • Hanging banners
    • Balloons (of any kind)
  • Exhibit area shall be left clean
  • Exhibitor is responsible to comply with Library policies. Failure to do so may result in denial of future exhibit requests.


Customer Conduct Policy: http://www.sjpl.org/policies-procedures/customer-conduct-policy

Events & Exhibits: http://library.sjsu.edu/

Meeting Room Use Policy: https://www.sjlibrary.org/policies-procedures/king-library-meeting-rooms-new

Request for Posting an Event | San Jose State University Library: http://events.sjsu.edu/oePublicForm.aspx

San Jose State University Library: http://library.sjsu.edu/exhibits/exhibits


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