Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library Meeting Room Request

The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library is committed to providing equitable access to its meeting rooms for individuals and groups affiliated with the Library, San Jose State University, and the City of San Jose. Meeting Rooms are made available to foster community engagement and support the Library's mission. These rooms are not available for standing meetings, regularly scheduled class sessions, fundraising events, or recurring events and series.

Please see our King Library Meeting Rooms Policy for more detailed information.

Contact Information

Program Information

(as it will appear on the room signs and announcement poster)
(What is the purpose of the program? Explain how it promotes the Library's Mission Statement(s) - SJSU Library Mission, SJPL Mission. Who are the speakers?)
(Room reservation requests will be accommodated if possible)

Media Services

Indicate which media services you will require. Please only select the items which are required for your program.

(Please note this is only allowed in Room 225 and only available for University affiliated reservations)

Additional Setup

(each table seats 2 panelists)
(No outside food is allowed in the meeting rooms. All requests must be made by you through The Gathering)

This request form does not guarantee a reservation. All reservations will be reviewed and confirmation emails will be sent stating your request has been approved. The approval process may take up to 2 business days.

By submitting this form to use the meeting rooms in the King Library I assume responsibility on behalf of myself and my attendees for the following:

  1. Reimbursing the Library for missing equipment and repairs to the rooms and furnishings for damages which occurred during the duration of my event.
  2. Abiding by the King Library Meeting Rooms Policy and all other library policies.
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