Instructions for Wireless Printing at King Library

All SCS laptops (not iPads!) are configured to print, via the library (campus) WiFi network, to any library public printer. Just print your document, as you would from any computer; provide your name, a title and a password when prompted, and go to any public print station in the library to retrieve your document.  Standard printing charges apply, per sheet. You will need either a Tower Card associated with a US Bank account, a SJSU Gold card, or a Spartan Dinning Card to pay by card.  The first floor print stations are Coin Op, and will accept coins or bills.

If you wish to print from your own laptop or Mac (“i Devices” or androids are not supported at this time) you must install the appropriate library printer application for your computer.  To do that, go to and install the University printer software that will work with your system (see below).

NOTE: If you experience difficulty using wireless printing from your own laptop in the library, and you are an SJSU student, faculty or staff, you may go to SCS for assistance (4th floor, top of the escalators)  – you may also borrow an SCS loaner laptop to do your printing (assuming you have no outstanding issues with your library account).